Public Policy

Advocacy to Build Homes and End Homelessness

Monarch Housing Associates focuses its public policy work on a variety of issues on the state and federal level. Monarch partners with the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH), the National Low Income Housing Coalition and Housing (NLIHC) and Housing and Community Development Network (Network).

Monarch takes their lead on public policy work with our congressional delegation throughout the year on key issues and federal funding.

In 2016, Network and Monarch Housing, 24 organizations and the Aldrich Foundation supported NJ Hill Day. On July 19, 2017, more than 34 organizations have joined together for the 2nd Annual Congressional Reception.

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Monarch mobilizes our partners in NJ around these issues which include, but are not limited to:

  • Funding for homeless programs;
  • Funding for supportive housing;
  • COAH and state housing programs;
  • Funding for the National Housing Trust Fund.

Although these are on-going initiatives, Monarch has been instrumental in securing increases in funding, new funding e.g. CDBG-DR, and developed a relationship with state and federal legislators and their staffs. Monarch does this by taking a leadership role with the following key partners:

Monarch has so participated in or led ad hoc efforts in the follow areas:

  • Establishment and funding of the County Homeless Trust Funds.
  • Replenishment the supportive housing trust fund;
  • Preventing COAH from recapturing municipal trust funds;
  • Advocating for the National Housing Trust Fund; and
  • Allocating CDBG-DR funding for supportive housing.

Monarch’s website provides an ongoing update of public policy issues and accomplishments. Building on our success and leadership role to date, Monarch has opportunities to both continue and expand its public policy efforts. For example, Monarch recently co-hosted, with the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey, a webinar for New Jersey partners interested in learning more about the next steps in Federal Advocacy.

To read more about the work of the Public Policy Team click on the links below:

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  1. I need Somerset to call me please my number is 9085761289

  2. I’m homeless right now I need help to move asap what do.I have to do

  3. I am a 1st year MSW student. I am conducting research for a Social Welfare Policy course. Any leads as to Veteran Homelessness in New Jersey and Monmouth County?

  4. I applied for HUD housing in June of 2016. By the luck of God I was chosen by lottery and put on the wait list .I was living with my son..being abused.I have brain damage and also permanent spine damageI’ve had 2 spine surgeries ..I was told in August it would be about 2 weeks for me to be called. Well after I keep falling down the family found a small house for me to rent.they paid my rent for 2 months.because I was being told 2 it’s almost January and my rent is due on the 1st and u can’t get any information on when they will call me..can anyone help me before I get evicted from this house. Thank you

  5. I my name is Lisa Ann. I am a new non-profit corporation looking to be a part of the solution in New Jersey. Please advise how we can help and participate in all homelessness prevention events.

  6. I’m homeless with my 6month old and 3year old … I’m going tomorrow to fill out an application

  7. How do I apply for assistance? My unemployment benfits have run out and still job seeking. Rent is due by the end of the week and Im afraid my 10 yr old son and I will be kicked out with nowhere to go. Please help

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